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boat. Our band played the "Marseillaise", all standing to attention. At 7 p.m. anchored in a lake at Ismalia, a town on left side of canal. Large camps on both banks of canal.

At 8 a.m. saw two of our aeroplanes flying very high. 9 a.m. we tried to leave but were stuck in the mud and were finally towed off by two tugs. Very pretty xxxscenery for a few miles. At 12 a.m. we caught a glimpse of the Turks at war, about five miles away. We could see, with glasses, the Bengal cavalry galloping into action and smoke and dust rising. At 3.30 arrived at Port Said, anchoring about fifty yards from the wharf. The buildings seemed rather good. Three French hydroplanes rose from the water, went for a flight, and returned to the water close to our boat. It was a grand sight. A strenuous football match was in evidence between some English and French blue jackets. We were serenaded by some musicians in a rowing boat, one of the violin players being an expert in the art of catching coins in an

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