Item 04: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 December 1915-18 March 1916 - Page 18

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our old camp "the" Aerodrome" here tea was ready for us; Reid & Francis raided one of the tucker boxes & we had a snack & turned in; It was sunrise this morning before we got up & met plenty of old Regts lads, also Ally Hargreaves from N.mine & heard from him that Geo.Young Roy Forsyth & Jack Dugan are at Abbassiah with the infantry; It is also said that a Regt of Light Horse made up of Reinforcements left here mounted for the front a fortnight ago; Had a parade this morning only to be told by the Colonel that we had played the game in Gallipoli & he hoped we would play it here & said a percentage of us could get leave after dinner. I decided to visit the A.V.C & see Arthur Welch; hunted him up. Had dinner with him & then went to

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