Item 04: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 December 1915-18 March 1916 - Page 86

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two houses but managed to get through O.K.; about 12 oclock, B Sqd & Head Quarters continued on their journey & C Sqd turned off to the right & going through another native village we came to a clump of palm trees in a mud wall, where a part of the 2nd Regt have been stationed.
here we put down the breast lines as this is our destination for the present; Major Smith said he expected a message from the 2nd L.H. from off the desert by helio during the afternoon & I put in the afternoon looking for a flash which never came; Reid & I have to attend to a telephone that is set on a post here, but as it rings when called up, we are not tied to it, & sleep under it during the night; A canal is running within a few yards of the camp & it is about half a mile to the edge of desert with cultivated fields between us

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