Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915 / Eric Harford Ward - Page 36

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Tues. 15 – Learnt Bridge 1st time. 5½ packets (55) Woodbines per man. Bought tin condensed milk 1/6 & made wholemeal porridge.

Wed. 16 – Turks gave us more shrapnel than usual, killed more than usual on beach. Eggs selling at 4d. each.

Thurs. 17 - Went for swim. D coy on Div. Fatigue. "Canopus" sunk. C & D Supports, more old "D" return. Just got out & dressed to-day & a shell burst near us.

Frid. 18 – Turks fire shrapnel at 10 o'clock at night first time night fire since 3rd day after landing.

Sat. 19 – Cooks get crabby & won't cook. We cook our own tucker, made Bully Beef rissoles with Bully Beef onions & dessicated vegatables. Our airman dropped 2 bombs on Turks.

Sun. 20 – Came out of trenches at 5 a.m. We supplied 175 men for Divisional Fatigues to-day. Went to Divine Service, Colonel Green preached. 56th day in firing line.

Mon. 21 – Sent 1st letter home. Mail in. New appointments among N.C.O's. Turks have bomb proof cover & yet they throw bombs when we attack. We found out they throw the bombs from behind the parapet.

Tues. 22 – 25 men per platoon go up to 2nd Batt. Went swim. "What time I am afraid I will trust in thee", Psalm 56.3. Above men wanted as sappers.

Wed. 23 – First F.S. P.C's since 31/5. Went swim. Saw one poor fellow get his arm blown off in water, he walked out holding it in his other hand & then collapsed. Amputated soon after.

Thurs. 24 – Shrapnel played havoc on beach to-day, killed 5 & wounding 14. Glasgow Artillery arrive. Took mail down to beach from Hd. Qrtrs. had swim. Getting very hot. Came back from trenches a new & shorter way.

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