Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915 / Eric Harford Ward - Page 31

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May 27 – Dull day – Shrapnel started at 5 a.m. Our airman dropped more bombs on Turks. No fatigues to-day. Majestic was sunk a day or two ago. 3 new men added to my section, now have 10. The country looks lovely. Dead Turks rot amongst the lovely red poppies.

Frid. 28 – Turks give us gip with their guns, a six inch shell lobbed a few feet from our dug out & carved a piece off side of gully doing no damage. Our 6" got this gun later. Still spelling. Corporal of picket tonight.

29 – Heavy firing both sides started at 4 a.m., artillery duels lasted till 8.30 a.m. tons of shrapnel – we lost about 5 wounded – Turks attacked our trenches last night – Sapped in got part of our trench but we recovered it soon after. Big attack expected tonight. Going into trenches this afternoon. Enjoyed spell of 7 days but for many doses of shrapnel. Big mail in, Rcd. 6 letters. Relieved "C" Coy 6 p.m. told off with 27 Sappers as Cpl. Capt. Sasse our O.C. now. Lieut. Shout back with us – Rumoured British have captured Achi Baba Hill which commands position. "Triumph" (11985 tons) had 4 10" guns & 14 7.5 guns. No more rum all in sea.

Sunday, 30 – Our trench snipers now have perescopes fixed on rifles. To-day 5 wks. ago our disembarkation begun before sunrise. The Aus. & N.Z's landing at Sari Bair to the north of Gaba Tepe in open boat towed by steam tugs & destroyers. We landed in an open boat some yards from shore in the midst of heavy shrapnel fire, most of us were drenched to above the waist in wadeing ashore there being no time to throw out a gang plank, it was a case of make for the nearest cover. Our landing was well supported by the Fleet & landings were carried out on six beaches – 5 being very successful. On the 6th beach Sedie Bahr the troops could not advance until evening. The result of the day's operations was the

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