Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915 / Eric Harford Ward - Page 23

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May 3 – Still in R trench, bombarded by Howitzer twice during day, also enemy's machine gun. Allen wounded. Shells landing in trenches. Can't re-dig trench on a/c Turks gunfire. Relieved at 5 p.m.

4 – Trenches all day. Visit by Generals Walker & Bridges. Turks entrenching in front. Getting Machonochie Ration of meat & potatoes – plenty to eat in trenches. To-day we got 1 Mac to 4 men, biscuits, cheese & jam, tea & sugar if wanted. Water is harder to get having to carry it up steep ridges in kerosene tins – Went into fire trench 5 p.m. me & Hood N.C.O's. Some Turks came up to trenches & put down arms. Mail at Base. Jim Row still my mate. Cold nights, hot in day – Cold – Touch of Heartburn.

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