Letter received by Banks from Arthur Phillip, 16 November 1788 (Series 37.08) - No. 0004

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from Norfolk Island, where I have at present Sixty one people, & an Officer that will very soon render the Island Independant of this Settlement for Provisions, & who' has every requisite for his situation, a good Heart, patience & perseverance, the accounts are pleasing.  The Island is described as the most beautifull as well as the most fertile spot ever seen, they have Vegetables in the greatest abundance, Corn & everything thrives there. those who' go are desirous to remain there & I am sorry I have not a few good Industrious farmers to send them. they have been very healthy & tho' the Landing is bad, it may & will be made better. the Golden Grove Store Ship is just retd. & ran a very dangerous Reef in the Isd. of 20º - 25' S Longd. 159º - 59' E from the Merd. of Greenwich. they were four leagues from it & only saw the South end, it extended from the N E b N to North. how far to the Northward is very uncertain. it shall be examined the moment it is in my power. a very good Coco Nutt & what they say is like the handle of a fly flap as made in the friendly Islands with the figure of a Man cut on it, have been driven on Shore at N. Island

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