File 3: Hassall family, correspondence, volume 2, pp. 703-1164, 1825-1867: No. 043

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to [??]

 New Zealand
Hedi (?) Kediply [?} 13/26

My very dear friend
I have just heard that a [?] is about sailing for New South Wales - thereby affording an opportunity of writing to one with whom I could wish to open myopportune time here were it not that duty forbids it; but with whom I hope to spend a long eternity where distance & place will no more divide and a sigh will no more be heard. - yours dated March by Mr Williams I recieved with 2 small pots and some little books for George, for which except of my warmest thanks. you mention your love of books and the attempts of slanderous tongues to injure your [church?] while I do most sincerely sympathize with you in your life and in attempts to defame yet i I can but consider the later as a piece of unintentional [?} and a mark of discipleship [?] you for you know the legacy left by our dying Master, he shall be later

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