Papers relating to Sir Ian Hamilton, 1920 - Page 22

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The task allotted to the Australians and New Zealanders was, it will be seen, of a nature to make appeal rather to the qualities of devotion and self-sacrifice than to those romantic, adventurous sentiments which animate the ranks of those stalwart warriors from the south.  None the less the service has been rendered whole heartedly and with an energy which has never failed, whilst, at the same time, as your Lordship will now see, their defensive has always tended to take on the character of an attack. 

I have already drawn attention to the fine work performed by the 2nd Australian Infantry Brigade and the New Zealand Infantry Brigade in the southen sphere where they were called upon to take part in the advance of 6th-8th May.

The Australian Brigade was returned to the Australian and New Zealand Corps as soon as I could withdraw it from the firing line. The New Zealand Brigade was retained at CAPE HELLES till 19th May when it returned also.

During the month of May the Australian and New Zealand Corps was reinforced by three Australian


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