Papers relating to Sir Ian Hamilton, 1920 - Page 19

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During the next three days (19th-21st May) small advances, chiefly at night, were made all along the line.  The enemy endeavored to hinder our working parties by the use of flares and hand grenades and by heavy rifle fire, but made no direct attack.

On the 20th May the French 2nd Division took two Turkish trenches but were forced by heavy shell fire and a counter-attack in strength to retire to their original line.

The attack was resumed by the 2nd Division of the French Corps on the 22nd.  In a very gallant charge they again carried the lost trenches, but were unable to withstand the subsequent bombardment and successful counter-attack.

On the same day, 22nd May, the enemy made a sudden and determined attack upon the trenches on the extreme left of the Indian Brigade.  They opened enfilade machine-gun fire on the advanced trench on the cliffs, and then, having crept up unobserved in dead ground, rushed this trench and another small detached post further to the right.  A counter-attack was at once organised by the Officer 

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