Correspondence relating to Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Gray Marks, 1916-1919 - Page 34

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Melbourne, 6th May, 1919.

Dear Sir,

With reference to your representations regarding Lieutenant-Colonel D.G. Marks, D.S.O., M.C., A.I.F., I desire to inform you that the Defence authorities advise that Lieut.-Col. Marks was seen in connection with the matter and it was elicited that he desired appointment as an officer of the Permanent Military Forces. The provisions contained in Section 148 of the Defence Act that no person who is not a graduate of the Royal Military College shall be appointed an officer of the Permanent Military Forces were pointed out to Lieut.-Col. Marks, and he was informed of the opportunities of temporary employment which might become available in Areas, Brigades, etc.

Lieut.-Col. Marks, however, stated he was not an applicant for temporary employment, in view of which no further action can be taken to give him employment.

Yours faithfully,

[WH Wise?]                                                     

 per Acting Prime Minister.

The Honorable       
The Premier of New South Wales,

Letter to Mr. F. W. Marks, 13/5/19



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