Correspondence relating to Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Gray Marks, 1916-1919 - Page 29

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[Printed letterhead]

Marks McDonald & Witt,
Public Accountants 
 Auditors and Arbitrators.                                        

Hunter House.
26 Hunter Street,
Sydney, 11th March,1919.

Dear Mr Hay,

Your letter of 4th inst., addressed to Mr Marks has been opened by me under instructions, as Mr Marks is away in the country on sick leave.

I have communicated the contents to Mr Marks who has asked me to apologies for the delay in replying to same, and also to thank you for for your efforts in the matter.

Mr. Marks will be out of town for at least a couple of weeks yet, and in case there is anything further to report in this matter, I would be obliged if you would give me a ring over the 'phone so that I could open any any correspondence that may arrive from you on the subject.

Yours very sincerely,

[HL MacDonald?]



















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