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Wizernes. Entrained there for Kemmel. The train journey was awful – no windows in the train & not even a drink of tea on arrival at the camp of bow huts.

Dec. 18
A bitterly cold night. Rations issued before breakfast – 4 to a loaf, 5 figs each, a spoonful of jam, a small bottle of pickles for 40 men! Raw tea twice today, a square inch of cheese for breakfast & a good quality but minimum quantity of stew midday. The artillery is regular but not much volume & we expect the sector will be a quiet one. Foot & sock inspection.

Dec. 19
Nothing doing but gas respirator & rifle inspection. Parcels from the pater & Mai. Pay.

Dec. 20
Volunteered for a raid but drew a blank – very disgusting.

Dec. 21
'A' & 'R' Coys ordered up the line. Left at midday for position S.S.W. of Wytchaete (0.9 & 8.2). Good dugout. Gas guard 2000 to 2200 & 0200 to 0400.

Dec. 22
Freezing hard. On fatigue 1600 to 2200 digging trenches. I doubt if people realise the meaning of fatigue. Since Fritz broke through at Cambrai the 'heads' have

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