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five minutes – wonder we [indecipherable] pleasant Sunday afternoon!

Nov. 5
Up Zonnebeke 'B' track to close supports – only a few isolated posts constituted front line, a continuous trench being a thing of the past. Wiring party in No Mans land 2000 to 2300. Gas Guard 0100 to 0300. "Stand to" 0500.

Nov. 6
Hid in hole all day. At nightfall made a little overhead cover. At 2200 went out & dug a strong post in rear of outposts. Fritz was wise to our proceedings & sent over barrage of gas shells & we were glad to get back at 0330. The sergeant major, platoon sgt. & 3 corporals who were not on fatigue with us were blind drunk, having soaked the whole rum issue, so we had to turn in wet through & chilled to the marrow. Lts. Hawke & Balcombe & L/Cpl. Thompson wounded by shrapnel. Hawke killed later on whilst being carried to the rear. A real white man.

Nov. 7
Gas guard 1600 to 1700. Fatigue improving strong post 2300 to 0230.

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