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[Page 12]

Jan. 11
Close supports.

Jan. 12
At night moved to my outpost.

Jan. 13
Working listening post.

Jan. 14
Relieved at night, morning into close supports.

Jan. 15
Moved to distant supports at night – detailed for a special guard two miles off. Raining hard & I fell into a lagoon with full pack, bag of rations for 48 hours, extra blanket, rifle, etc. Saved my life but lost blanket & rations. Had to dive for my rifle. No change of clothes – a – miserable.

Jan. 16
Recalled from guard & rejoined battalion at Findenhoek.

[Transcriber's notes:
Etappes – possibly Etaples – P. 5
Ledinghem – misspelt as Ledeghem – P. 6
Vaudringhem – misspelt as Vaudeghem – P. 6
Wavrin – misspelt as Wavran
Wytschaete – also Wijtschate – P. 8
Dranoutre – also spelt Dranouter – P. 9
Passchendaele – also spelt Passendale – P. 9]

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert and Betty Smith for the State Library of New South Wales]

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