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developed in front of Courtenay's Post, accompanied by very heavy shelling, and by 9.30 the Turkish attack was being pressed hard against Courtenay's left and Quinn's right –

By 10 oclock this attack, unable to face fire from the right (ie No.11 Section) had swung round to Quinn's left, where it was severely handled by guns in Plugge's Plateau, and guns and machine guns of No.4. Section.

By this time 4 sections of the reserve of machine guns had been distributed and were doing good work. By 11 a.m. the enemy, who were crowded together in the trenches beyond Quinn's Post were giving way under their heavy losses -

The impetus of the attack had now failed and the enemy seemed to be collecting and reorganizing in the valley East of Plateau 400 (224.n.8) where we continued to harass them with gun and machine gun fire –

Arrangements had been made to launch a counter attack from No.4 Section at 3 p.m. This coincided with the commencement of a Turkish attack from the direction of Baby 700 (224.d.5) which held up the counter attack. This Turkish attack did not develop, however, into anything more than a heavy fire attack, though the trenches were full of men with fixed bayonets ready to advance.

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