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It slackened and then broke out again at 4 a.m. on this Post.

Shortly after 3 a.m. an attack in force was delivered against the left of No.II Section, which was beaten off with heavy loss by 4 oclock-

Another attack was delivered before daylight on the centre of No.II section, which was repeated four times, and each time was repulsed with heavy loss and few casualties on our side.

At the same time a heavy attack was delivered on the N.E. Salient of No.4 Section which was repulsed and followed up. Shrapnel fire however prevented the counter attack from pressing in –
Attacks were also delivered on Quinn's and Courtenay's Posts, and along the front of No.1 section. It was now about 5 oclock, and the action became general along the line –
A heavy artillery bombardment began at 5 am which included trenches on the beach, & the interior of the position.

By 8 a.m. there was evidence of a heavy attack developing in the direction of Quinn's Post and large bodies of Turks had worked round into the scrub north of No.4 Section.

Our guns had been in action since 4 a.m. and were replied to by a largely increased number of enemy guns including 12" and 9.2" and a heavier nature, calibre not known, also other guns which had not previously been firing on us.

The massing in front of Quinn's Post came to nothing; but another attack

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