Mr John McArthur                              20.11. 1809

Dear Sir

     I hand you herewith Sales of Sandal Wood &
[indecipherable] Net proceeds amounting to D.9217.90 - I regret the Business has not turned out more favourable, the accounts You will receive for the fleet will inform you particularly on this [indecipherable], the highest Cash Price to be obtained was 12 - 13 dollars[indecipherable] giving Liberty to reject Roots etc etc for I thought if you will think with me better to allow 14d. off [indecipherable] as a Cash Price & barter it as I could for my account in the Purchase of Cargo -. On a comparison with other Sales which you will receive you will find that the wood for the [indecipherable] [Dophin?]has returned you better prices than what you shipped direct -
No opportunity has offered of addressing You Since my arrival here, and I now hand you Respond[?] Bonds for the amount of Sales 9217 Dollars with 25 [?] [%?] making 11521 Dollars -  I shall be glad to hoven that this whole transaction meets your approbation.
Having the Honor to be
                            Dearfin [?]
                            Your m.v.

Current Status: 
Ready for review