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[Stamp: Public Library of N.S.W. Dixson Library.]

Commonwealth of Australia.

The Call to Arms.

Prime Minister.
15th December 1915.

Dear Sir,   €“

The present state of war imperatively demands that the exercise of the full strength of the Empire and its Allies should be put forth. In this way only can speedy victory be achieved and lasting peace secured.

If those rights and privileges for which Australian democracy has struggled so long and values dearer than life itself are to be preserved, Prussian military despotism must be crushed once and for all.

The resources of the Allies are more than adequate for this task, but they must be marshalled. To wage this war with less than our full strength is to commit national suicide by slowly bleeding to death.

Our soldiers have done great things in this war. They have carved for Australia a niche in the Temple of the Immortals. Those who have died fell gloriously, but had the number of our forces been doubled, many brave lives would have been spared, the Australian armies would long ago have been camping in Constantinople, and the world war would have been practically over.

We must put forth all our strength. The more men Australia sends to the front the less the danger will be to each man. Not only victory but safety belongs to the big battalions.

Australia turns to you for help. We want more men. Fifty thousand (50,000) additional troops are to be raised to form new units of the Expeditionary Forces. Sixteen thousand (16,000) men are required each month for reinforcements at the front.

This Australia of ours, the freest and best country on God's earth, calls to her sons for aid. Destiny has given to you a great opportunity. Now is the hour when you can strike a blow on her behalf. If you love your country, if you love freedom, then take your place alongside your fellow-Australians at the front and help them to achieve a speedy and glorious victory.

On behalf of the Commonwealth Government and in the name of the people of Australia, I ask you to answer "Yes" to this appeal, and to do your part in this greatest war of all time

Yours truly,
[Signature] W. M. Hughes
Prime Minister of Australia.


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