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make the same sacrifices. One calls for your sympathy and your contribution as urgently as the other.

Who will not give something for the men who give the Empire such unwearied service, so silently and so splendidly? Australian sailors are as magnificent as Australian soldiers. For their sake let "Jack's Day" be a glowing success.

"Jack's Day" is November 1. It will divide its proceeds as follows: €“
30% The Royal Navy, for the benefit of dependents of Officers and Men who have lost their lives, or who have been disabled in action.
30% Lord Charles Beresford Fund for the Merchant Service.
20% The Royal Australian Navy Families Relief Fund.
10% The Mine Sweepers' Fund.
10% The Ladies' Emergency Committee for the relief of Naval Prisoners of War.

"Till danger's troubled night be past and the star  of peace return," the fund raised for Jack's Day will add some comfort to the lives of all sailors, and of sailors' wives and children.

We appeal to every citizen of New South Wales to help in this great purpose.

Cheques will be gratefully received by the Honorary Treasurers, Dalton House, Sydney.

Honorary Treasurers:
Sir Thomas Dibbs
Sir John Russell French
Kelso King

Honorary Secretaries:
Alfred G. Milson
F. W. Hixson
A.K. Moore

Honorary Organisers:
A. L. Blythe
Percy Hunter


Current Status: