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Sportsmen's Recruiting Campaign, in Association with the State Recruiting Committee.

Dear Sir,

We feel that wherever and whenever there is a call to assist in a good cause a man possessed of the true spirit of Sport will never be found wanting.

Germany is not yet beaten, and is ready to make the utmost sacrifices in order to win.

Her military power is still very great.

Any kind of peace acceptable to us and which would safeguard the future can only be achieved after a military victory which will make evident to Germany that her armies are thoroughly defeated. This is the task before us, and to accomplish it every man we can put into the field is needed.

In a very real sense it is now or never. It is more than probable  that this will be the decisive year of the War.

Each side will make a supreme effort this year to gain a final decision, and every man we can put into the field will help to give that decision for our side. But if he is to play his part he must get into training at once, for the task before us is great.

Our lads have won undying glories by their heroism, and it would be a lasting shame to us if we left them in the lurch.

We recognise that the  large numbers of members of Sports Clubs already enlisted do not leave many more to draw upon, but there is an urgent need of the help of all members in securing recruits from the community at large who attend Sports events.

There are some things you can do, and every man and woman can add to the list.

  1. Press home the need in your own circle and district
  2. Join the Local  Recruiting Committee and see that its activities are kept going.
  3. Join the "Win-the-War League" and canvass for Recruits. The Local Recruiting Committee will supply you with the necessary forms.
  4. Make yourself acquainted with the conditions of pay and pension. Schedules of these will be supplied to you at request of the Secretary of the Local Committee.
  5. If in any district or connected with any Club it is better to raise a reinforcement Unit of 140 men for the Infantry, such Unit can go into Camp together, be trained together, and embark together. For some of the other Units smaller numbers would be accepted on the same principle.

To day the greatest call which has ever come to man is sounding through the world. It is the call of the Flag, the call of devastated countries and murdered women and children, the call of comrades exhausted in the fight, the call of Honor and Duty, and it is not possible that such a call can reach the ears of Sportsmen and find no response.

Yours faithfully,
On behalf of the Sportsmen's Recruiting Committee,

H. Y. Braddon

I B Moffatt
E [?] Marks
Hon. Secs.

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