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On Active Service
With The British Expeditionary Force

23rd Oct 1917
Left Godford for Southampton changed at Salisbury arrived at the boat Wharf about 12.30 o'clock, had a fairly good crossing and arrived at Le Havre that night.

24th Oct 1917
Marched up to the base camp where we stayed for three days, were finally medically examined equipted with rifle bayonet, gas helmets, ammunition and after going through the gas chambers left for Castre on the night of the 27th .

27th Oct 1917
It was frightfully wet and we had a long march of 12 miles to the train in which we were captives for 24 hours.

28th Oct 1917
Arrived at Castre camp. Fritz was bombing and was not altogether friendly towards our entry into France. We stayed here until the 2nd of Nov. as the battalion was coming out of the line after the Ypres stretch for a long promised spell.

2nd Nov 1917
We motored from here to a place called De Lettes and then had another long push to Eruy St Julien where I officially joined up the 45th Bn.

15th Nov 1917
From the 2nd to the 15th Nov we spent most of the time cleaning up and drill parades in the morning.+ sports in the afternoons and on the 15th we started an 8 days route march passed through Bomy and Fruges, arrived at Russeauville and billeted 15th Kilos

16th Nov 1917 Left for Wambercourt a distance of 10 kilos.

17th Nov 1917
Left for Torlefontaine, 12 kilos, plenty of apples and the country very pretty. The apples helped eke out scanty rations.

18th Nov 1917
Left for the Somme region arrived Fontaine –S- Maye billeted 12 kilos.
19th Nov 1917
Resting here a day & leave granted to Crecy. Saw the cross and old battlefield. Had a feed of steak and chips. very hard to get. Also plenty of apples.

20th Nov 1917
Left Crecy for Hautvilliers, 10 kilos.

21st Nov 1917
Left for Frauleu, 16 kilos dinner on route.

22nd Nov 1917
Left for destination St. Quentin arrived & allocated good billets 15 kilos Walked round village which is a fair size and close to the Channel.

23rd Nov /2nd Dec
Time taken up with usual parades inspections sports. Leave granted to Ault a lovely little spot on sea coast. Leave

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