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26th March 1918
Fritz shelling very heavily. The people had only left the village that day & we saw the last of them go. Meals were left on the tables & on the fire. Dig in and that night up to Deinacourt. Here we stayed a day or so. I forget the exact time in reserves. Then we went up to the front line and were in an outpost for 24 hours. Fritz holding one end of this trench and we the other. After that we came back to the front line & here I spent Good Friday, Saturday & Easter Sunday. That night we were relieved by another Company & took up another portion of the Front Line in front of Dernacourt which was no mans land.

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6th April 1918
Relieved by 2nd Division 6^ Brig and marched to Baizeux where we billeted in barn very wet weary tired and hungry.

7th April 1918
A few H.V. Shells came over fairly close. Left for Querrien a long march, billeted stayed here until the

10th April 1918
when we left for Cardiuette about six miles - here we stayed for 2 days and on the

12th April 1918
marched into Frechencourt 6 kilos .Lovely day- arrived in billets.

13th April 1918
Left for La Houssoye 4 kilos, billeted. Here we stayed until the 21st. Many air raids by Fritz and the Madonna from Albert Cathedral fell on the 17th by Fritz shell fire.

21st April 1918
Left for La Houssoye for Querrien 4 kilos. While here saw Tom Holt several times & stayed here until the 27th of April when the Battalion went up the line. I was left out with the reserves. Villiers- Brettoneux was the front they went to.

27th April 1918
Reserves left for Allonville and were camped in the wood there until the 6th of May when we had a long march to

6th May 1918
Berteancourt. This was a fairly nice place and a good way back almost out of [indecipherable] of guns unless the bombard was very heavy. The reserves were called up but I still remained out.

12th May 1918
Left for the transport lines. Marched from Berteuucourt to Vauxy spent one night in tents & on the

13th May 1918
Reached T lines at La Mont & stayed there until the

22nd May 1918
when we left for Amiens where the Battalion joined us early on Wednesday morning

27th May 1918
Still at Amiens in the Rat House.

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