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25 Sun March
Left Rafa 2 a.m Arrived Belah about 4 pm
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26 Mon – 28 Wed March
Left Belah 2 am to surround Gaza L.H. S.E of Town Infantry attack from coast to our Flank. Taubes flying very low opening with M.G. fire Town surrounded by 9 am 2nd Bgde captures General Staff and privates. Infantry att over very open ground casualties very heavy. Shrapnel like flies Fierce fighting all day N.Z. & 2nd Bgde went into the Turks with fixed bayonets about 4 pm and advanced about 2 miles capturing 360 prisoners and 2 guns
Our casualties very light got order to retire about 7 pm Turks still in town Cavalry returning to Belah 8000 Turks Reinf attacking our rear 3rd Bgde holding them until we clear out. Very quiet Infantry holding Turks LH holding Flanks big offensive coming off out all day & night from Saturday night at 2 am
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