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29 Th
Took one line of trenches at dusk. Very [indecipherable] Jacko about 400 yds on our front Horses left in rear with spare man Trenches are awful too narrow we dare not move in case of shell and sniper We do 24 hours in trenches

30 Fri
We and Cavalry [?] took a line of trenches but could not hold them enemy too strong. He shelled us for hours and they were simply raining.                     We withdrew about 600 yds still in trenches cannot move or show ourselves we are isolated until dark

1 Sat Dec
In support at night digging at 4 am. 7th Regt captured 147 men 2 MG 200 Rifles Jacko tried to dig in too close Heavy shell fire all day We had 9 casualties trying to raid a Jacko post

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