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22 Th February
Moved to Sheikh Zawaied as we were going along beach a Taube was over observing travelled all day reached Sheikh about 4 pm tired & dusty very fine country en route was warned for picquet as soon as we reached camp
2nd B & NZ. B. moved to Rafa where they engaged the enemy
gave horses feed of green barley
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23 Fri February
Fixing a temporary camp in Hod 2nd NZ Bgde arrived back from Rafa they drove Turks out of their front line trenches our casualties were very slight
53 inf arrived expect a big go in a few weeks our camp is crawling with Camel ticks I have been scratching like Hell
[in margin] Rum Issue

24 Sat February
Taubs over observing no bombs had Mike out grazing Turks occupied Rafa 2nd Bgd moving out to keep in touch

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