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perfect specimen.  The other has very large dark green leaves and bears a purple flower in clusters the fruit is about the size of a plum oval and a deep orange colour, there is also a species of Vaccinium a beautiful shrub & bears a deep orange coloured berry the convolvulus are many & elegant, a species of Passiflora, a very beautiful jasminium, two species of Piper,the one with a very large cordated leaf the fruit of an orange colour when ripe and very pleasant to the tast, the other is Nº 11, I think you will also find a new species of Morus. The Cryptogamia will speak for themselves.  In continuing my collection I have now begun to make my observations on the stratas and formation of the Island some of the drawings will be found curious, after that is finished I shall give some Accounts of the birds & fishes that frequent this place I shall also continue my observations on the climate soil and carefully watch the progress & success of the ensuing crop.

I am
Dr Sir
Your most Obed.t
Humble Serv.t 

Wm Paterson 

N.B.  I should have sent some seeds by the Pitt but as she goes a roundabout way, & will most probable either return to this Country or be sold in India, there would be little chance of  their vegetating, the first favourable opportunity I shall send both plants & seeds.

Sir Joseph Banks Bart.  &c  &c  &c


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