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times only three irregularly placed and inserted in the petales they are about six inches in length and covered to the top with a very thick dark buff coloured ferina.  The leaves of the flower are so very succulent that they cannot be dryed and at the time I found it, spirits were so scarce that I could not preserve it so perfect as I could wish.  I hope however the specimen and drawing will be sufficent to describe the plant, one of the fruits you will find in a jar with some of the Pine cones sent to you by Govr. King I hope they will arrive safe ;  some leaves of the pine different ages you will find in the box sent by me.   Most of the Arboreus plants on this Island produce either a rosinous or gumy substance.  The Pine produces vast quantitys  of a thick rosin something like Turpintine  but has not been used to any purpose except on ingredients in soap.  The knots of this tree appears not to be least effected by the weather, for those that have been blown down & the whole trunk mouldered to dust, we find the knots quite fresh and almost transparent from the quantity of rosin they contain and  burn as clear as a candle.  There is a specie of Hibiscus that grows to a large tree and produces a quantity of  gum in appearance like that of the gum arabic, the flower is a  light red the leaves a very light green & downy - specimens of all the others I shall be able to send you by the next opportunity.  I shall only observe at present that the foliage & flowers of all the plants are elegant, there are two species of Solanum that will be a great acquisition to your green houses in England, the one bears most beautiful clusters of snow white flowers and continues in flower and fruit most of the year, the fruit is a small dark red berry hanging in large clusters & adds much to the elegance of the plant it grows to about six feet, of it I have sent you a very perfect

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