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Norfolk Island 1st May 1792

Dr Sir

          According to promise I have packed you up a few speciemens of plants from this Island in very good condition which I hope you will receive safe, some of them you will find are not described at least I should wish to know whither they are or not. Governor King will inform you that my health has been so bad since my arrival that till lately I have not been able to undergo the fatigues of collecting it is however now re-established & I have little doubt by the next Ship you will receive speciemens of every plant in this Island.  The box contains 33 sheets with some mosses, Fungi, &c to fill it up, Nº 11 is a species of piper which grows on dicayed  trees, Nº 13 is a very perfect specimen of the Warata from Port Jackson it is the only thing I collected in that Country worth sending as my stay there was only ten days.  Nº 33 with the accompanying drawing will I hope be found acceptable.  It is found cheifly in the woods in most parts of the Island, when growing clear of trees it is seldom higher than thirteen feet but when among trees it climbs as high as fifty or upwards.  The leaves are nearly as strong as that of the Ananas and from three to four feet in length growing in a spiral manner in three Rows up the stem & terminates in a larg crown, which encloses the flower.  The calyx if it may be so called is composed of six leaves much broader than the rest tinged of a flesh colour towards the bottom and a dark green towards the top these leaves intersect the spires.  within them are six flesh coloured petales  placed at right angles - the spathas are five in number tho' I have often found them with four & some times

Jan 30 1793

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