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of your Remarks respecting the best mode of Package &c.  [indecipherable] and shall in future avail myself as much as possible of them, yet I must be allow'd to think, that the bad condition in which they arriv'd, could not be wholly owing to the Circumstances you suggest.  I do not mean to insinuate any want of Care on the Part of Captain James, but I observe in the Public Prints an account of his leaving on his Passage fallen in with an Island of Ire [Ireland Island, Bermuda?] which is sufficient to account for the Death of many of the Plants, consid[erin]g the manner in which they were situated on Board.  You remark that many of the Plants appear to have been too young and too recently got out, which I admit but that​ it was what I could not help, as I had a very short Notice given me and was oblig'd to make the Collection in great haste & under many Difficulties.  Anticipating the Failure of some of them, I applied to several Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, to obtain an Order for another and more numerous Collection

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