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Sir Joseph Banks


I have receiv'd the Honour of your Letter by the Lord Sheffield Capt. Sinclair accompanied by your obliging Present of the Hortus Hortensis, [plant catalogue] for which I return you many Thanks, though it was before in my Possession, having been fortunate enough to procure a Copy of it in the Island not long ago.  The Information you give me concerning the Plants intended for His Majesty affects me very sensibly, as I am apprehensive that notwithstanding the best endeavours on my Part, some Blame may be imputed to me on the occasion.  The Gentlemen of the Committee, appointed by the House Assembly to see their Intention carried properly into Effect (one of whom, Mr. Cockburn, is now in England) can witness for my Zeal and Pains in the Business, and though I am satisfied of the Justice of 

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