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there are many, very many things I shall have to say by the Buffalo, which I think will arrive in England before this letter can possibly reach you - I shall therefore defer saying anything more on that head until I write by her, I beg to offer my respectful wishes for your health And the Ladies to whom I beg my Respects & am with the most Respectful Attachment,
Most Obedient & Obliged
Humble Servant,

Philip Gidley King

The Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks K.B. &c &c &c

I am concerned Hunter is gone home but I hope arrangements will be made, so as he will be ready to come on & to take the Lady Nelson - The first thing that appears necessary to be done is to Survey a part of the SW Coast to see what shelter it affords in Case a Ship should be taken short before she can clear the land to the Westward Southward of the Western entrance in the Streights [Straits] - You will be astonished when, I tell you that no investigation whatever has taken place, respecting the orders sent to the Government here & when Paterson Carrived with him - about the sale of Spirits &c Except that in Consequence of an order Paterson gave out forbidding it, he has put the oldest Captain in the Corps who is Govr Hunters Aid du Camp, under an arrest; & strange to tell Hunter declines bringing him granting his warrant to try him by a Court Martial which has been Applied for by Paterson - Knowing it to be intended that Paterson shall be Lieut Gov.r & the great Want I shall be in of such an Assistant.

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