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Sydney May 3rd 1800  

Dear Sir

I arrived here the Ulto after a very good passage of Five Months & Three days from England - I thank God in good health we were so unfortunate as to loose the Weaver [?] on our passage which from the Mans Character & behaviour on the Voyage is a very great loss - Govr Hunter does not intend going home before August when he takes the Buffalo one of our Ships destined for the Colony - As I shall have more time to write particulars by that Ship, I just write this to say we are safe landed, but I have not got a place I can unpack a Box in, being Coll. Patersons guest - My arrival & remaining here gives general Satisfaction, but I believe many will change their tune when these Nefarious proceedings are arrested - Vice, Dissipation, & a strange relaxation seems to pervade all descriptions - One Ship load of Spirits is not more than half sold, Callers from the better sort of people, to the blackest Characters among the Convicts, are full of that fiery poison - The rising generations are abandoned to Misery, Prostitution, & every Vice of their parents, And in short nothing less than a total  Change in the System of Administration must take place, when I am left to myself - I have written more particularly to Mr. King than I can do to you at present, as it is only a private letter I suppose he will show it you - Gov.r Hunter resigns no part of the Command to me until his departure - I have fixed Cayley at Parramatta to which place he gives the preference, & as he is well lodged there I hope he will begin in earnest - I have marked out a Botanic Garden to be under Coll. Patersons direction, it is ready for receiving plants - & Cayley has the use of Govt. House at Parramatta, to dry his Specimens etc

[In margin] April 13 

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