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examining them, and I shall endeavor to cultivate them in New South Wales.  The second & fourth sorts were sent from the Mines, and are not well known here.  A Gentleman who' gave me two small specimens marked No. 1 & is the Epecucanha Parda says they are all the true kind, and that what I have in Spirits and Growing in my Cabin, is only the third sort & is the white sort, wch. is weaker & is call'd here by the Natives Poalha. You, Sir, will be able to judge, and I shall be happy if they are the means of your obtaining a knowledge of the true Plant.  Of the Borrachio, as it is only found to the Northward, I can give little information, it is of the nature of the fig tree, which in Fruit and Leaf it resembles. I have been promised that it shall be sent  you.

I send two or three other Plants with the Ipecacuenhe, several more that were to be sent on board to day, will I fear come too late, but if they are procured before the Master Sails, he will receive them. I shall not fail to send you whatever I can procure in New South Wales where, as most of the Plants are unknown, little judgement will be necessary

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What I have now interlined is the acct. I have the moment recd. from the person who' gave me No 1 - the Name of wch. I believe he has altered, I say believe for I have not time to open his papers.  I have desired him to write his Adress in case you wish to write to him, he seems to be a very sensible man, for this Country when it is difficult for a Man to gain any kind of knowledge that is not necessary for the good of the State, & I assure you that even the sending dried plants out of the Country is what might offend some people.

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