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(Tuesday 16th)
Company for duty to day Mac on guard he is going crook about it we ought to soon be seeing the coast of Arabia Nothing much doing to day Fine weather with lovely night. Air shoots rigged up.
(Wednesday 17th)
We expect to get to Aden to night can see land in the distance They dont expect to get to Aden till early morning Passed some strange look craft fine weather smooth sea. A beautiful night.
(Thursday 18th)
Stopped off Aden 3 AM and got orders to proceed to Suez. Could only see lights of town and searchligts of forts and ships Passed Perim at 3 pm we came between Perim and Cape Gardifu. Choon came through Hells gates A couple of Man of wars and patrol boats anchored behind Island. One an Auxiliary cruiser got under way and steamed ahead of us but she passed out of sight before dark. Well after a very interesting day we have the night upon us again. So I will go to bed. Theres a stiff head wind blowing and she is beginning to pitch a bit.
(Friday and Saturday 19th and 20th)
As we are in the Red there is a lot of history attached to different places. We passed place supposed where the Children of Isreal crossed once. We also passed a light house supposed to be the lonliest place in the world. Head winds and sea moderate very cool.
(Sunday 21st)
Went to church this morning. Nothing of any note to day passed several steamers We expect to be at Suez tomorrow and rumour has got it that we go ashore there so our voyage will soon be ended Sleep is out of the question to night as there is a farwell concert to night. Sea calm and a lovely night.
(Monday 22nd)
Awoke early and we are passing some very barren land. Boy are to excited to eat. Passed a light house and village. Passed lots of steamers and arrived at roadstead and anchored at 6.30 we are well cheered from the steamers anchored in roads. We are going ashore tomorrow sometime

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