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(Friday continued)
towards the Choon She had been sending wireless to us most of the day but we did not get her message till late We stopped along side of Choon at 8 30 pm and lowered boat doctors and Parsons went aboard Choon They performed an operation for apendicitus. They were successful returned to Bee proceeded on our course at 10 pm sea calm and a lovely night.
(Saturday 6th)
The Choon is ahead again through last night we are catching up to her. We have had an accident in the engine room Some cylinder top broke down and we can only use one engine Proceeding very slow A good job we have the sea so calm They are repairing the engine so hope to have it finished to morrow.
(Sunday 7th)
We are still plugging away on one engine this morning they will have it repaired this afternoon A lot of sailing vessels around Indian Dhows most of them we cannot be very far off land Engine is repaired and are going full speed hope to be in Colombo tomorrow. Went to church sea calm.
Passing Ceylon coast can see villages and a lot of fishing vessels a very pretty sight indeed Some mail steamers passed us evidently from Colombo going E All looking for Colombo but had a long wait We did not arrive there till 6 pm We took aboard pilot and tied up to the bouys behind the breakwater. The city itself looks very pretty from where we are anchored lots of big buildings with cocoa nut and Palm avenues The Choon is anchored just ahead of us, as she arrived early this morning. And the harbour is cramed full of ships. Am not feeling well to night so will go to bed early. They are bringing barges alongside to coal us so there wont be much sleep tonight. Good night
(Tuesday 9th)
Am feeling very much worse this morning Influenza the doctor told me am feeling anyhow The

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