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all the roads.
We are about 5 miles behind the lines. There is great preparation for the push which will probably take place very soon

Saturday Sept 15
Today I saw the model of the county It was a piece of ground about ¾ of an acre, with hills valleys swamps & woods trenches gun emplacements, Farms & roads & railways an exact replica to the county that will be the scene of the push It is a fine piece of work and gives a very good impression of the nature of the land.
Aeroplanes are very numerous and observation balloons are thick I counted 18 within a very small radius last night.
We stayed in this camp which consists of huts & tents all day today & we move tomorrow morning I believe up a little further to the front.
2 letters from home Aust today 1 from Home & I from Mr Rowling dated July 8th

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