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of Flags. This village was the scene of terrific fighting early this year. There is scarcely a yard of solid level ground for a mile or two. It is simply churned up with shell holes Barbed wire lies in a tangle of shattered ends. Deep dug outs run down almost straight into the earth & the old trenches are terribly smashed. The Bosch held on to this high point as long as possible & contested the position to the last His dead lie in scores all over the field. Time has reduced them to almost skeletons Skulls are to be seen gruesome & grinning peeping out of deep shell holes. Boots with feet in them here & there, & where the village once stood is a scene of utmost desolation. There is not a vestige of it left, all that remains is a shattered tree stump here & there. It stood on a rise looking down

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