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presented the cup won by D Coy on the Div competitions but owing to the inclement weather he postponed it, but came to service I preached on "Deep calleth into Deep". At night I had a service at the YMCA tent & preached on "God was in Christ reconciling the [indecipherable] unto Himself" we had a fine time

On Monday Sept 3
General Walker presented the Cup at 9 oclock. The Batt formed up in the parade ground and it was a fine sight. It was in a long line 2 deep when the General came and the Salute of "present arms" with fixed bayonets was very good, then the Batt formed in open square & the General made a speech complimenting the Coy & presented the Cup to the Colonel & Capt Heursh The cup was the gift of the Australian YMCA.
After the presentation I went for a route march with D coy.

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