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shot, Major bennet was wounded, Captain Shawn was killed, several of my mates, Danny Martin poor old Bennet, we used to call him sphinx & Edgley, he was the best liked chap in the company, we do miss his mouthorgan. several others also went under. An officer & seven men were told off to go out on the extreme right. I was one of them, we got caught by a lot of snipers while laying down looking for them two of our number were shot dead. Edgley was one of them, we then got the word to retire as soon as we moved a shower of lead followed us, I was unfortunate enough to trip I fell onto a lot of bushes & the bullets were going underneath me, up I jump again the officer was still with us but poor devil I was sorry for him, his knees were playing home sweet home, we reached safety at last, well what we thought was safety, we started to dig in on top of another hill later on the Turks came in sight again, I had a good shot at one, I never looked to see whether I got him or not, the navy could not fire a shot all the time we were on the island as they did not know how far we were inland we had no guns of our own, so you can pretty well guess what

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