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wonderful achievement the Australians had accomplished. The navy could not praise us enough, I heard a great man of the navy & General Maxwell pass a remark one day when they were going through the trenches the navy chap said my jove General, you haven't got men you have real devils. Another remark I heard by two other big men one chap said my word those kangaroos of yours went over those hills just like kangaroos leeps and bounds. The sailors off the battleships are very brave men. I have often heard people in Melbourne running the sailors down but if ever I hear them say it again I think I will be inclined to give them a little dig under the chin.
About this time the Queen Elizabeth got to work with her15 inch shells, fancy nearly a ton weight getting through the air & lobbing the turks you would see a great cloud of yellow smoke, about 30 seconds later you would have to hold your ears for if you didn't you would probably get deffened. such reports, & the turks did cop it. Well we went down to Cape Hellers in mine layers, & the sailors could not do enough for us, they gave us soup & bread cocoa cigarettes, we landed there while the shells were dropping on the pier we all got ashore safely, on we went

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