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not shake hands, the corporal was wounded & my mate killed that same day, the Corporals name was Cuthbert & my chums Peter Swift such a hard case was Peter, we got in touch with the 3 brigade very shortly up hill and down gullies. At last we were firing at the Turks then came a bayonet charge, wasn't that exciting, I had the good fortune of trying my nice shinny bayonet on big fat Turk, he yelled out Allah then on again we went & I came across a sniper when he saw me coming straight at him with cold steal, he got up and started to run but my nimble feet caught him in two strides. I stuck it right through his back, if he had of stopped where he was he could have easily of shot me, but the presence of so many men coming right behind me scared him. We had by this time got nearly 5 miles inland the Turks were eventually leading us onto their main trenches,it for we were suddenly stopped by a heavy shower of shrapnel & machine gun fire, we held on for a while then got the word to retire, we were in bad need of support, now & things looked pretty desperate, poor Mr Riddle got shot in the shoulders here & Major Hamilton was shot dead. Captain Luxton was

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