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Monday, 19th. – Carried Hun to Quarry and then all went out via old position in ammunition dump to near Harbonnieres where cookers were. Badly fagged but found stew and tea most acceptable after long walk, even though it was a poor sample. After short spell set out for close to Harbonnieres and took motor lorries about 3.30 a.m. and at daybreak set out for Daours. Slept most of way for all the jolting as we have been 2 days and 2 nights without a wink of sleep. Arrived at Daours about 6. Had some cocoa and rolled into a blanket and slept like a log. Was awakened about midday and had breakfast. Went afternoon to Pay Sergeant and had credit note for 5 £ (cable) put in paybook: handed in 2 postal orders for 2 £ each to be forwarded to Horseferry Road to be credited in book. Went to Post Office and received parcel A.O. from Dad and birthday parcel from Ruby despatched from Olinda. Also a book from the Paris lady, "The passionate friends" by H.G. Wells. Had clean up and good spell. Fine evening spent in yarning with Phil Starr Bed early and slept like a log. Had hot bath and change.

Tuesday, 20th. – Parade at 10: off at 11. Bundling up souvenirs and books to send home. Had medical inspection for scabies and bad teeth, self A.1. Digging in tents to make bomb proof in afternoon. Had much needed haircut and got boots mended. All fixed up now. Phil Starrand self spent evening together. Slept well.

Wednesday, 21st. – Hot bath and change after early breakfast. Only able to change shirt – no singlets or long underpants. Parade from 10 – 11.30. Sent souvenirs etc away (8 francs). No parade in afternoon: swim in canal before tea: watching diver clear lock of rubbish – big find of French money by diver. Writing up diary after tea and started letter to little wife. (Washed dirty underclothing in afternoon).

Thursday, 22nd. – Parade 10-1130 Damnably hot all day. Spent good part of day in canal. Too languid to write letters. Percy Barratt round to see me but was out.

Friday, 23rd – Bath and change in morning.Letters from Ruby, Dad, Mother, Mrs Gunn and Miss Alston. June 23rd mail date. Aquatic sports in afternoon. Ted Barratt round to see me but I was out. After retiring to bed was turned out to see visitors Ted and Percy and Dick Grossman. Had a yarn for long time and then the bos had to go as rain was coming on. Delighted to see them all.

Saturday, 24th – Parade in morning. In afternoon writing letter to Ruby. Nothing of import to-day. Posted letter to Ruby.

Sunday, 25th. – Special rifle inspection in morning. Later on Brigade Church Service. Received notification from Commonwealth Bank re draft awaiting me. Replied and posted it just prior to packing up. Received sudden movement orders and handed in packs, overcoats and blankets. Had tea and then marched out of Daours. About 9 p.m. embussed in motors and left for unknown destination. Heavy rain while on the journey; Boys all happy and singing notwithstanding having been informed of big hop over on Tuesday morning. Our bus (holding 28) broke down and after delay was towed to destination where we disembarked after midnight.

Monday, 26th. – After short march (about 1 a.m.) along main road, veered off to left, and after a roundabout route arrived at

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