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confident to stand off his counter attacks. Another barrage from us on dark and cut up his attack on our right. Usual return barrage Expected to get relieved to-night but sadly disappointed as the relief was not effected. Heard Ossie Green is badly wounded.(died) Hunt (C.O.M. was killed during stunt. Wiring party out in front during night.

Saturday 6th. – Early morning barrage again. Still lucky, though shells landed unpleasantly close at times. Safe enough at bottom of trench but look out must be maintained which increases chance of being hit considerably. Quiet morning, but after dinner Fritz opened up with whizz bangs near us and gave us 6 ½ hours continual bombardment and yet no one was hit, but our nerves were jangled to pieces. All of us suffering from diarrhoea on account of gas sent over us last night during the bombardment. After dark our gun crew and 4 men out digging outpost – no bombardment, thank the Lord, but continual steady shelling but few on front line - no casualties.

Sunday, 7th. – Relief effected about 1 o'clock a.m. – got out in old No man's land and immediately our platoon got lost, hit a wood and went towards our rear – near old support trench across the road meet Mason 21st Transport Officer with limber – 4 horses and 3 men, all up here for the purpose of dragging out the 77 m.m. field gun captured by "D" company. Dumped our packs with limber and all went back and hauled out the gun – over trenches, across the road up to limber – tied gun to limber, piled on our packs and all mounted on gun or limber and so rode by devious route to trenches from which we had entered the line. As we passed heavy batteries the morning barrage opened and we saw this end of the play. Arrived at trench well after daylight. Ted Heath and self in old dug-out. Received one blanket for the two of us and after a drink of hot cocoa retired to bed and slept until after midday. Had breakfast? And dinner combined. Went to lagoon and had a swim and on return managed to buy 10 francs worth of stuff at our canteen for a "blow out". Greatly delighted to receive letters from Ruby, Mother, Dad, Gwen and Johnnie, all about the 13th of May dates, also one from Miss Alston and letter from Web Gilbert with Ireland snaps in it but also some snaps not mine. Great relief to be away from front line. On aeroplane guard 9.30 – 11.30 and then to bed, dog tired.

Monday 8th. – On aeroplane guard 5.30 to 7.30. Secured round and salvaged brown paper and boxes and tins and scrap ends of string to bundle up souvenirs to send home. At 8 o'clock went down for hot shower and clean change at Divvy baths. Breakfast on return. Busy all morning bundling up souvenirs – all ready barring Fritzy dixie and bayonet but hope to get them off too. On guard again 1.30 – 3.30. After tea heard Foxie is to get his second stripe and a couple of our hands in 9 are to get a bar each. Very downhearted at my exclusion – terribly full up of this life in the army. Posted parcel to Ruby, one to Bert, and German Army book to Dad, all souvenirs of my Villers Bretonneaux stunt (5 fr.50 c.) Hear that the papers are commenting on the Yanks and Aussies fighting together for the first time. Very few Yanks were in the stunt however. About 9 o'clock "stand to" was ordered. Congratulatory messages were read form different people and quarters on our stunt. At midnight hot tea was served and "stand to" still continued.
Tuesday, 9th. – "Stand down" about 2 a.m. just a "try on". Hot day. Writing letters home and to Miss Alston

Wednesday, 10th. Company all out cable burying, self and Heath exempt. Got 2 books from Y.M.C.A. "T. Tembaron" and "The Way of the Strong" Posted letters to Mother and Gwen.

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