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20 and 16 men, officers etc including H.Qrs to hold support line for 3 platoons. PURE BLUFF! On fatigue for rations. Track very slimy – bad trip. Details came up to re-inforce us. Ted. Heath back from Hospital and "Norris" from Blighty.

Tuesday, 6th – On early morning fatigue. Fagged out as this is 2nd trip for 1 night. Very weak from dysentery. At night moved out from close supports back to trench near B.H.Q. near the Doll's House Rum ration – well appreciated as I felt real bad from dysentery. 22nd in close support now.

Wednesday,, 7th – Fine day – mud drying up. Self transferred to 11 Platoon as No.2 gunner to Alf. Crawford. Preparing for the big stunt in the morning. 5 supply tanks on fire in V.B. going for hours. Moved about midnight to trench in rear of close supports and sat down to wait for opening of barrage.

Thursday, 8th – About 3.15 a.m. Fritz opened a barrage on us. Very poor and nothing near our trench. Half an hour later our barrage opened. Something tremendous – the earth shook. After 3 hours of barrage we moved up to old position in close support trench. Self immediately sneaked off and went souveniring in old Fritz Line Fight by this time well beyond of Arceleaux. Met Ted Heath on same errand as self. Dugouts etc. well ratted but was lucky enough to find Hock revolver, a great find! Spent all day wandering over battlefield, few souvenirs. Noticed remarkably few dead for amount of artillery in action. No uniform trench system on Fritz side line evidently held very weak. Troubled badly with dysentry still. Slept in support trench for night. All Aussie divisions engaged in stunt. Tommies on L. of us, Canadians on R. on extreme R. French troops. Fine thing to see cavalry going up into action. Great movement forward, and everything went off most smoothly. Well planned and well carried out. Very satisfied to have taken even a minor part in the stunt.

Friday, 9th. – Had a hurried breakfast and all moved forward about 9.30 a.m.
Marched up part of way in column of four s at 50 yards but later deployed into artillery formation. Battle still progressing but well ahead. Halted in fields between Bayonvillers and Guillaucourt. Ted Health and self made a "deepie" together from material from Fritzy dump at Guillaucourt. Was pleased by visit from Teddy Barratt and late also from Percy Barratt. Both in the pink. Saw Reg Charteris who was surprised to see me as I had been reported killed to him. Just retired to bunk when Fritz planes came over and made the night hideous with enormous number of bombs - dropped to sleep, nevertheless.

Saturday, 10th – Saw the captured train and big naval guns on railway mountings come through. Captured by 31st Batt. A.I.F. Spent day in position expecting a move any moment. Had good wash and shave. Second since leaving Villers Bretonneux on this 29th July. No change of underclothing however since 8th July. Fine day, loafed in the sun – close bombing at night.

Sunday, 11th – Posted letter to Ruby and reply pd. cable to Dad. Went on sick parade after breakfast but had to return unattended to as movement orders arrived. Moved up to temporary position on L. of Harbonnieres. Had dinner and tea in old French trench. Bad with dysentry. Just before moving up to reserves I received parcel A.M. from "Aussie" and one from Web Gilbert. Paraded to Doc for medicine. After dark moved up to reserve trenches between Framerville and Vauvillers. On way to trenches got lost and all lay in open field while Hun planes dropped bombs all round us. Close shave at times. Self, Crawford and Cpl

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