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Lordship or to my own Feelings omit on this occasion to state also that Lieut Portlock who in the Little Tender that Discovery [Providence] kept company with him throughout his whole voyage, Constently sent a head when danger or dificulty occurrd, both which in the new straits they discoverd were frequently very imminant acquitted himself throughout the whole as an able & experienced officer; he is Possibly the only one of the Companions of those who accompanied the Late Capt Cook on his memorable voyages in the capacity of midshipmen who has not before this time attaind a higher degree than that of Lieut & this I beleive is chiefly owing to his having been uniformly employd in difficult service ever since his return instead of remaining at home to sollicit Preferment.

                      He is my Lord an able Officer well acquainted with the Late Capt Cookes mode of taking marine surveys which hes Practicd ever since he Learnd it from that experienced Commander & no man is more likely when Peace returns and enables Government to undertake the surveys of the numerous Coasts wh have Gaind access to by the Spanish Convention which become more & more interesting daily as they are

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