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in general that if hed deliverd one fourth part of the number he actualy did leave behind him at each of those places I should have considerd those countries as amply provided for but I cannot omit saying adding that when on his arrival in the River I visited his ship the healthyness of the trees on Board many of which he had brought from Otaheite astonished me much for I had never before seen Plants brought home by sea even in a small box, nearly in so Flourishing a state

                       This unexpected success was doubtless owing in great measure to the extreme alacrity with which he pushd forward his voyage, he saild from England on the 1stof Augt. 1791. staid six weeks at the Cape to refresh his People, was compelld to remain at Otaheite 3 months in order that his Plants might have time to establish themselves in the vessels Prepard for them & nevertheless he arrivd at St.Vincents on the 22nd of January 1793 so that abstracting the time of his stay at the Cape & Otaheite his whole voyage took up little more than a year & a half

                        I cannot in Justice either to your  

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