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Government House,Sierra Leone

August 28th. 1818 

My Lord,

          With reference to the letter I had the honor of addressing to Your Lordship, on the 7th Aug.t 1817 Nº 115 I transmit by the present opportunity, the merchant Ship Mary, copy of the late Captain Campbell's Journal, the rough original will be sent by the next Vessel, and might if it meets with your approbation be given to the family.

          It affords me great satisfaction to acquaint Your Lordship that I have received information from Captain Appleton Commanding the Troops in the Gambia, that an intelligent Native who had shortly before returned from the kingdom of Bondon on the river Falema [Faleme] near the Senegal (River) reported that he had seen the Mission pass through that Country three days before he himself left it, on his return to the Gambia;  that they were all well to the exception of one European Soldier, he stated that they had lost some Horses, which, however, they easily replaced; they met with no difficulties.

        I have no dates but I suppose the party left Bondon about the latter end of

The Earl Bathurst 

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