attacked them. This of course [implies?] the belief in witchcraft. But then they have their doctors (as they usually call them in English) a sort of sorcerer or conjurer - Nguagin in their language - who is in communication with some of them demons as I [understand them?] who may have [?initiated?] at least [on?] some of them so as to have them at his bidding and command, it may be to do evil or good, to [indecipherable] inflicting an evil or to relieve  by counteracting the evil done by another demon.
By what means they accomplish this by what charm or conjuration or [indecipherable] is a deep mystery which they are [never?] disposed to reveal, either to the uninitiated amongst themselves or to Europeans. As these sorcerers,[indecipherable] [indecipherable]  ever be their [indecipherable] a [indecipherable] sometimes employ natural means to achieve such [indecipherable] we will adopt the usual term doctor for them. The office a [indecipherable], as far as I could discover does not seem to be hereditary, but the [shrewdest?] amongst them are initiated, who [indecipherable] may be the offspring of a doctor. They among other things pretend to the power of causing rain to come where


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