Soldier's pay book, No. 2146, 16 February 1917-15 October 1918, with statement of account for pay and allowances, 17 December 1915-19 May 1919 - Page 27

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Australian Imperial Force.

Regtl no 3533 Date ... Debit Advice No. 33144

Pay Book No. 2146 Name Ham. A J. Unit 2nd Batt 14 F

The above-named soldier's Pay Ledger Account has been debited with the following:

Date. Particulars. Amount.
8-2-17 Forfeitures not included in amount brought forward from
Old Pay Book to New Book F 2/R15 AWL 19/1/17   €“ 1 day
5/- [ticked]
60 days F P2 15/-/- [ticked]
15 days awaiting trial D. 015/1293 3/15/- [ticked]
6-3-17 F2/2R16 AWL 16-7-16   €“ 1 day 5/- [ticked]
D 016/1316 19/5/-

Please enter the amount on the Cash Payment page of the Pay Book and fill in, on the duplicate of this Advice, the payment number and the Progressive Total of Debits, and return the duplicate, after signature, to this Office.
J B Rush Lieutenant.
For Staff Paymaster,  A.I.F.
[Indecipherable initials.]


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